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There's a lot of fandoms here, it's a bit of mess, sorry and try not trip up on stuff


Okayyy I couldn’t wait anymore!! I have been sitting way too long on this drawing waiting on Sips and I have no idea if that ep is even coming out anytime soon and if it does, well I will just have to update this I guess. But yes!! I was enjoying the Tryhard series A LOT because anything that even comes close to having dnd or larp elements and has nerds dressing up makes me go starry and heart eyed at the same time ok.



Started this a while ago but just quickly finished up before I lost inspiration, but YOOOOO this show is SOOO good! In my top 3 for sure! WOW! All the fan art gahh I have so many ideas!! (on deviantART here too [x])

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Okay, so I am sick of seeing so much hate towards Yogscast Members. So here’s what I plan to do; Whoever reblogs this by the 30th of July will have their URL put in a card and it will be sent to The Yogscast to show our appreciation. 

Please please reblog and show you care. It’s not fair that people are receiving hate from said ‘fans’. Let’s just show a little love yeah? 

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ANCIENT felt tips, hi

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My only feelings this season

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